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Boston's Best: "The Mandolin" by Georges Braque

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The second in my series of the the 50 best/most important/most interesting paintings in Boston-area museums, is a work that I’ve actually never seen in person. “The Mandolin” by Georges Braque (c. 1939-40) is owned by the Harvard Art Museums, and for some reason I can’t figure out, they seem to hardly ever show it. It has never been on view when I’ve visited, and whenever I check the museums’ website, the painting is still in storage. Nonetheless, I feel I can declare this as one of the 50 best paintings in Boston because it is a relatively large example (35 x 42 inches) of the still lifes Braque produced in the late 30s and 40s, a peak period in his career. Also, I find the composition and palette subtly intriguing. Whenever I finally get to see the painting in person, I’ll let you know if my opinion of the work has changed.


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